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The performing arts provides a powerful tool to bring people together to reflect, feel, learn, solve problems and tackle issues.  We use techniques which support groups working together in an engaging and productive manner across all organisational settings and topic areas.

This workshop is designed for leaders of teams and managers. Key areas of focus include: developing awareness of effective communication in leadership and its significant impact on team effectiveness, as well as personal success in business, creating an audience relationship and maintaining engagement, facilitating questions, and advanced presentation delivery techniques. 

Need help with a presentation now?  PowerBoost coaching sessions are for you!


These one-on-one sessions are an
opportunity to get support when you have
an immediate need. We tailor these sessions
to meet your personal goals. You may have an important business presentation coming up,
or perhaps you want to improve a speech difficulty that you have, or you may have been asked to speak at a friend’s wedding?


Whatever the issue, Power Boost sessions
can help you to develop your content, rehearse and get expert feedback. This ensures you enter these situations feeling confident and ready to deliver a great presentation.

Every organisation has specific areas of interest and we would welcome the opportunity to design and deliver sessions to support you, your team and wider organization with learning and development goals.  

We can work with you and your team to facilitate group sessions from business planning, strategy sessions to more project focussed initiatives. Sessions which are guided by an external party can help gain buy-in from your team and to develop common purpose. 

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